How to Apply Silver Swan lashes?
1. Take out the lashes gently with your fingertips or tweezers.
2. Measure them to your eyes, if they seem to wide for your eyes, adjust the width by trimming the outer corner.
3. Apply the glue to the band, wait til 10 seconds until the glue becoming semi-transparent.
4. Apply along your lash line working from the outside corner of the eye inwards. Wait for the adhesive to dry completely.
How to Remove and Reuse Silver Swan lashes?
1. Remove them gently from your eyes, start from the outer.
2. Clean the dried glue on the band with tweezers.
3. Apply few makeup remover (no oil) to help removing the glue.
4. Never wash or soak in water!
5. Put them in the box again and you can reuse it again another time.