What Is Your Eye Shape?
10 Apr 2017

Eyes are the windows to your soul… Or in this case it’s a part of your face that you’d like to stand out. Due to our different nationalities, heritage or genetics we all have different eye shapes. To help you flatter this anatomy even further, we’d first need to understand it’s shape and how you can reach it’s maximum potential.


Upturned Eyes

When you look in the mirror and the ‘tails’ of your eyes go up, you are placed under this category. The shape of the eyes are widely known as ‘almond-shaped’, however it comes with a lift at the end of each corner.

Tip: to even out the upper and lower lid lengths, apply a dark shadow or pencil along the outer lower corner to bring down the ‘lifted’ effect.



Round Eyes

This type generally means that you are able to see all of the whites anywhere around your irises. Due to the shape, it gives more of a ‘round’ look compared to upturned/downturned eyes, where they take more of an almond-shape.

Tip: round eyes have a tendency to look ‘sunk in’, therefore adding peach or beige colours on the lid along with highlighting under your arches will make your eyes surely stand out!



Monolid Eyes

If your eyes do not have any creases, you’re categorized under this type of eye shape. They have a ‘flatter’ effect, as the brow bones are less defined.

Tip: you can add dimension to your monolids by shading the darkest colour closest to your lash line, neutral hue in the middle and the shiny hue to accentuate your browbone.



Downturned Eyes

Opposing the ‘upturned’ eyes, the ‘downturned’ eyeshape have a slight drop to the outter corners of the eyes.

Tip: some experts say this is the perfect eyeshape to draw your cat-eye line in creating symmetry, by applying the liner on your top lid and extend outward and upward at a 45 degree angle.



Hooded Eyes

This type of eye generally means that there is an extra layer of skin below the brow that may cover the crease, making the lids seem smaller.

Tip: to intensify the eyeshape, tightline the waterline and thicken your lash base. In addition, apply a good medium coloured shadow to your hooded lid, going heavy around the crease area with a darker colour to add illusion. 



Wow, many types of eyes indeed! Once you’ve categorized yourself in one of these eyeshapes, make sure to use the tip and trick and flutter those eyes ladies!

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