What False Lashes are made of
27 Feb 2017

The Elements of Lashes


Have you ever wondered why some lashes are more comfortable to wear compared to others? Well, one of the main reasons are because of their material. Yes ladies (and gents!) with this particular accessory material determines the feel of the product. Curious to find out more about false eyelashes’ diverse materials? Look no further!


Synthetic Lashes (Plastic & Silk)


Synthetic lashes are considered the first innovative finding from the original ‘fringe’ lashes. With various synthetic alternatives that’s available, it’s durability and look will vary as well. To those who are conscious about where their lash material are acquired from, you don’t have to worry about any animals’ hair getting used ;)





To achieve a more ‘natural’ look for those looking at a cheaper version for mink and human hair lashes, silk eyelashes fall under the ‘synthetic’ category. Depending on the brand and characteristic you’re going for, the silk synthetic lashes will look more natural due to the imperfectness of their strands and gives you a satin-like gloss finish.


PRO - inexpensive     Vs        CON - uncomfortable, heavy on the eyes &  less natural



Mink Lashes


Taken from the furs of Minks, they are most popular amongst celebrities due to their light and natural qualities. In addition, they give you a ‘feathery, fluttery and natural’ appearance - especially if compared to synthetic ones. However, there are still much controversy surrounding this material being used due to the rumours on the condition in which they are taken from the animals.


PRO - multiple uses, comfortable, more natural        Vs.      CON - expensive, controversy of material



Human Hair Lashes


Our final material is 100% made from human hair for the comfort of your eyes. As they are all made from human hair, they will have a natural feel and more comfortable compared to synthetic lashes. Another plus is that the bands used for human-hair lashes are more flexible (soft), therefore easily bent to fit any eye shape.


PRO - comfortable, bands are flexible, can be used multiple times, looks more natural     Vs.    

CON - more expensive than synthetic false lashes



What a revelation indeed! Do let us know once you’ve experimented with the numerous types of lashes available, and see if our findings are correct or not. If you’re looking for 100% human hair lashes, look no further as all of our products are made from human hair.

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