The Art of Contour
13 Apr 2017


Let’s face it ladies - make-up is one of the love-hate routines we do on a daily basis. Some due to the demand of their roles, others do it to enhance their features. Now, one of the many techniques that’s currently hot right now is contouring, as it give you the ‘power’ to play and enhance the angles of your face. Want to know more? 

 Continue reading and we’ll give a few tips and tricks on how!


1. Cream or Powder?

If you’re a beginner, we’d recommend with powder textured product as it will give you more control - it won’t be too heavy so that you’re not able to make any adjustments once applied. Once you’ve mastered this product, you can move-on to more ‘difficult’ products - cream/liquid based!
Tip: If you’re not sure which tone to go for to suit your skin colour, don’t be shy in asking the salesperson! The rule is:

- Fair/light-skinned: go for a taupe colour, as anything stronger will make you look red/blotchy

- Medium/tan-skinned: you’ll have more colours to play with but go for a ‘bronzy’ colour to accentuate your angles.

- Dark/deep-skinned: instead of going for a colour, add a highlighter/coppery bronze to illuminate and flatter your skin.




2. Always Invest in Your Brushes!

With contouring, you’ll need the flexibility and ability to blend. Therefore, investing in good-quality brushes will make your job definitely much easier!


3. Understand your Face-Shape

We know of the different shape that you all have, therefore we made it slightly easier for you to play around with the contouring technique. Identify your face-shape from the image below, and apply+blend the products according to where it should be. Following the below image will ensure you get the best out of contouring and enhancing those angles ;)





4. Don’t Forget Your Blush!

Smile, and apply the blush of your choice to the apples of your cheeks to add colour and softening the ‘contour’ look.



Yes ladies, although deemed as a difficult step in the art of applying make-up, it does transform your look quite drastically and in a good way. Don’t forget to contour, you may regret it later!