Rosie Rahmadi @gazidaofficial
23 Jun 2017

Our inspiring woman of this month (May) is Rosie Rahmadi @rosierahmadi,

a Fashion Designer, Entrepreuner, and Owner of several amazing fashion brands:












She is also a mother of 2 daughters, GADIZA (8yo) and TALLULAH (5yo), whose names are used for the brands. Her passion has always been in modest wear world, started with joining slamic Fashion Institute (IFI), and with tremendous support from her husband, they manage to grow the businesses and handle them very well.



She confessed, "It's not easy for a designer to make a collection, there is a whole long process that must be overcomed, starting from the inspiration for the collection it self, choosing suitable theme, style, colours, which patterns and materials, etc."
Her belief is that as a designer, it is crucial to understand fashion as an industry, and also having a good attitude and courtesy are important in successful business.

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