No Makeup-Makeup
31 Mar 2017

Going out can sometimes causes a hindrance when it’s time to apply make-up as you don’t want to skip it entirely, but your routine may make your look too ‘overdone’ for the casual occassion. Well, here are 4 easy steps you can do to achieve the ‘No Make-Up’ Make-Up Look!


#1 - Skipping Foundation

Try using a ‘lighter’ product such as BB cream, or tinted moisturizer. If you are worried about any spots, you can always trust your handy concealer to cover them. The areas to look out for concealing are usually the ‘dark’ or ‘red’ areas - around your nose, under your eyes and on your chin. Don’t overdo it, cover smartly ;)



#2 - Create Your ‘Flush’

Many of us own powder blushes to bring out the angles of our faces. However, for this look we’d recommend to invest in a cream blush for the more natural looking glow. If you’re not sure which shade to get, the easiest thing will be matching your lip tone. Otherwise, the general rule will be pinks for fair skin tone, peaches for mediums and brownish pinks for darker skin colours.


Which spots should you apply this to? You can apply these on apples of your cheeks, chin, forehead and the bridge of your nose.



#3 - Grooming Your Eyes

How can we ever skip eyebrows and our lashes? Make sure to brush your brows up and away with a spoolie or clear brow gel. As for your lashes, make sure to get a good eyelash curler and add just a pair of naturally comfortable lashes to add a subtle boost ;)


Bonus: cream eyeshadow will also help give you the bright ‘wide-awake’ eyes when applied, instead of the darker colours to create shadows.



#4 - Love Your Lips!

Don’t forget to miss this step - make sure to apply a tinted balm to make sure your lips are both moisturized and has a hint of colour. This final step is a definite must to complete your ‘No Make-Up’ look and you’d look pretty sweer ;)



Make-up isn’t always hours of prepping and an extra effort we need to do before going out. These steps will make sure you’d still be looking fab, but subtly sweet. Try it on ladies and let us know what you think!




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