Lash Personalities to Suit You
20 Feb 2017

Here at Silver Swan, we thrive on giving the best human-hair lashes for you to experiment your looks with. Going deeper into our products, we’ve categorized them into 6 different personality groups - depending on what ‘look’ you feel like portraying. 

Based on our research, these are the most commonly seeked ‘personalities’ of lashes that ladies (and gents ;D) look for. Don’t know what would be suitable for you? Here are some questions you may be wondering about…


I’m new to using make-up, what would be my best ‘start-up’ lash to wear?

Our soft and feather-like 02 Lillifee would be the best starter kit to go for. It won’t look too exaggerated on your eyes, more like you wore an extra layer of mascara on your lashes.



What are the best lashes that are suitable for any eye-shape? 

We’d recommend to go for an eyelash that’s medium in length, but also in density. As an example, our 206 Gaura lash is our #1 best-seller as it serves this particular purpose.



How about if I wear glasses? Is it possible to wear false lashes?

Definitely! Just because you’re wearing glasses, doesn’t mean you can’t play around with false lashes. Our Short & Bold series will do just that, as the length of the lashes will not distract your eyesight and give you irritation. We’d recommend our 402 Amvi to add a bit of sparkle to your eyes ;)



I’m going out on a special date! What would give me the extra ‘oomph’ and sexiness?

Well, there’s so much to choose from! For an extra boost, we’d definitely go to the ‘Bold and Glamour’ category, where our lashes will add a shot of confidence to illumiate your eyes. As you can see from it’s shape, 303 Diorr will give you an added esteem without looking too overdressed.

To bring the sultry siren out of you, head over to our ‘Sexy’ category! Our 090 Zemire will transform your beautiful eyes to become more seductive and alluring to your audiences.




Inspired to do more experimenting? Don’t let us hold you back! Feel free to play around with false lashes to your needs and wants as that’s what they’re there for. You don’t have to change your personality to give you the look you want, just add a false lash and be transformed!


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