History of False Lashes
15 Feb 2017

1916 – invented by American Film Director D.W. Griffith for his movie “Intolerance”, he wanted his leading actress Seena Owento have lashes that makes her eyes sparkle.

How? A wigmaker used real human hair interwoven with gauze and applied to the lash area. 





1930’s  - Vogue promised ladies around the world that false eyelashes could give them lashes of “bewildering lengths’. Eyelashes evolved from ‘natural’ to ‘eye-catching’ with golden colors or beaded with platinum.

lashes eyelahes bulumata 1930



1950’s – although the trend slowed down, new innovation of synthetic lashes emerged. Film stars such as Ava Gardner and Rita Hayworth through their appearances in movies further promoted the trend.

lashes eyelashes bulumata 1940 lashes eyelashes bulumata 1940



1960’s - eye makeup was overcharged and exaggerated (including for false eyelashes). Manufacturers created fake lashes that were thick, long and eye-catching. At this time, quality and price varied due to the material used – mink, sable, human hair or synthetic. Do you know any beauty icons that come to mind in this decade?


lashes eyelashes bulumata 1960 lashes eyelashes bulumata 1960


Today, more and more women use false eyelashes for a multitude of purposes. Whether it’s for a special occasion, or you feel like you need a little boost for your eyes, false eyelashes are easily accessible with variety. Have you found the right false eyelashes for you?


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