04 Jan 2016



Greetings, my dear bumblebees! Lately, I've been obsessed with falsies, especially the natural ones that made locally. If you have read my previous post, you'd notice that I just reviewed Indonesian handmade false eyelashes recently. This time, I'm going to review another one for you! Keep reading :)

Silver Swan Chapter 1: Indigenous Beauty

silver swan eyelashes lillifee
020 Lillifee. Every single piece of the timber platform is never the same.

To be honest, the reason why I put an eye on this brand is because their unique packaging that's so elegant like a swan, and then I browsed on their collection and found a lot of natural looking falsies. Seriously, they are so perfect for me! Silver Swan products are adapted to all standards and highest quality to create perfection. All of them are handmade with 100% human hair.

 photo 20140318_134642_zpse545b046.jpg
Whether you like the adhesive or not, it'd be there.
 photo 20140318_134743_zpsd0959000.jpg
To all grammar nazi, can you spot something?
 photo 45996a21-1958-4928-bac4-b9a7c37ff629_zps307f2b0b.jpg
 photo 20140318_134155_zpsc97b62a3.jpg
It said it can be used up to 5 times, but I don't think I can make it to 5 times usage.

These are the series for you to go mix and match with casual outfit! Lillifee gives my lashes volume and length without making it looks like a real fake. It's lightweight and the length fits perfectly on Asian eyes like mine, I didn't have to cut the corner to adjust them. I haven't used the adhesive yet, since I'm still using the adhesive that I got from Yukkiyuna (it's a complimentary gift from the reseller to me). I think the reason Silver Swan is more expensive than Yukkiyuna is because they provide the glue as well in a glass bottle and the packaging looks more exclusive as it's so much bigger. However, I kind of wish they use a plastic to cover the hole. Right, the hole's covered by nothing at all. I was a bit surprised too when I opened the package LOL.


Price: IDR 34k per pair

 photo 0ffd07ea-5f27-43a1-9dbc-bd226e7b193e_zps3e777f2f.jpg
Outfit by Milcah. One of my favorite Indonesian RTW.

Other products that I used:

  • Za Perfect Fit Concealer in #1
  • Dior Diorskin Nude Compact in rosy beige
  • Za Ever Brows in #2
  • The Body Shop Brow & Liner Kit in #2
  • Urban Decay NAKED Basics
  • Revlon CustomEyes Shadow & Liner in naturally glamorous
  • Mizzu Eyeliner Pen in brown
  • Etude House Dear Girls Cute Eyes Maker
Here are some tips for all newbies in falsies world just like me: link 1, link 2, link 3. Do you have any other tips for me? Please let me know in the comment section below.

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