Eyebrows to Match You
16 May 2017

Knowing how to draw the right shape for your eyebrows will definitely accentuate the shape of your face, sometimes even letting you get away with wearing less make-up. What a treat indeed! To let you know the tips and tricks for this dutiful task, let’s take a look at the list below…


1. Rounded Brows for Square-Shaped Face

To soften the angles of your face, a slightly rounded eyebrow will be the perfect shape to go. However, be careful of over-plucking as we don’t want any rainbow-shaped brows either!


2. Angled Brows for Round-Shaped Face

Quite the opposite of the previous face-shape, giving an angular and high arch to the shape of your brows will give you more definition to it’s bone structure if lacking. It’s a flattering shape indeed ;)



3. Extended Lines for Long-Shaped Face

As the shape of your face is already stretched out vertically, extending the lines of your brows will add emphasis on the horizontal features. However, don’t drag it out too far as it will give a ‘droopy’ look instead.



4. Groomed Brows for Heart-Shaped Face

Make sure to steer away from any bold brows, as the idea for heart-shaped face is to create a controlled and groomed shape to compliment the already petite jawline and the existing emphasis on the upper portions of the face. 



5. Proportional Brows for Oval-Shaped Faces

This will be the ideal face-shape for those who may be considered as quite… neglectful to their brows. You just need to follow it’s shape, giving a natural arch and voila!
So ladies, here are just a few handful tips for you to follow. The general rule with eyebrows, is to never overdo it. Follow the shape of your brows (or instincts) for this particular element of your face if you’re not sure, as natural is definitely more worthy than overdone.


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