7 Great Tips for Lashes Newbie
19 Jul 2016

There’s always a first time for everything, including wearing faux lashes. If you’re still confused about how to pick and wear the best lashes for you, these tips might help:

1. If you’re totally new to faux lashes, always pick the most natural looking lashes such as our 010 Chalice or 020 Lillifee. They act just like mascara to your eyes.

2. Took of your lashes from the packaging by gently pushing it downward from the outer corner of the lashes. If the lashes are too long for your eyes, you can always cut the end of lashes, maybe just 1-3 hair to cut to make sure it fits your eyes perfectly.

3. Always curl your lash with an eyelash curler before you put on faux lash, and after you put on faux lash.

4. For the glue, spread it all over the bone line of your lashes. Put a bit more glue on each corner of the lash to make sure the lashes won't be detached after long wearing. But do not over glue.


5. After glue-ing the lash, wait a moment for the glue to be tacky enough to stick to your eye. You can blow it softly, or simply wave it on the air.

6. Put on your lash starting from the center of the eye to the inner corner then to the outer corner of the eye.

7. Wearing eyeliner is must! Simply put a thin layer of eyeliner on your eyelid and voila! You’re perfect to go!



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